About Embarkations

This blog was first launched in the summer of 2008 as Embarkations of an Expatriate when I was leaving to begin my graduate studies in Budapest, Hungary.  The blog was somewhat broadly conceived, as indicated by the original tagline, “From essay to travelblogs, from politics to pictures, here is my offering unto the cyber-space”.

In preparation for my deployment with the Peace Corps, the blog was re-launched with a new look in spring of 2010 as simply Embarkations.  The content remains eclectic: amusing anecdotes from life in Moldova, updates for friends and family, observations on public health development, and tips for travelers in the region.  But then, life is also eclectic and tends to defy themes.  To help navigate the jumble, see the Tag Cloud Directory at the bottom of this page.

Above all, the blog is a constantly evolving space, and readers’ thoughts are always welcome.  Just send me a quick note, or post your comments directly to this page.

Pleasant journeys,

Tag Cloud Directory
  • CEU: my time at Central European University
  • Cultural Integration
  • Humanity In Action: posts relating to my work as a Senior Fellow with this organization
  • Politics and Society: the place for essays on our world today (originally labeled Identity Politics and Social Constructivism due to a common theme of these posts)
  • Sights and Sounds of Moldova: pictures and videos taken in Moldova
  • The Blog: posts about Embarkations and on the topic of blogging more generally
  • Travel: stories of my travels, and posts likely to be most helpful for other travelers in the region (see also Country/City specific tags)
PLUS: a constantly growing number of country/city specific tags, currently including Budapest, Graubunden (Swiss canton), Hungary, Munich, and Switzerland.